Funsies! :)

In the middle of this busy, crazy week full of meetings, shoots, projects and flights, I had a day off alone today. It was so nice to just sleep in, linger over coffee while I updated my website galleries, read a few blogs, and answer a few emails. I cleaned up the kitchen, put away some laundry, and got my bag packed and ready for my trip. I even got a chance to enjoy this gorgeous weather by taking Lexi out walking. For the first time this spring, we headed out into the woods where we walk all summer long. It was muddy and wet, but it smelled fresh, and the sun warmed my skin. We saw a couple groups of deer passing through, and listened and watched as the melted snow trickled into streams that made their way over rocks and exposed tree roots. It was beautiful, wonderful, and so relaxing and rejuvenating. :) When we got back, I had mud splattered all the way up the backs of my legs, and Lexi was completely covered in mud, sand, stickers, and leaves. I kicked my shoes off outside, scooped her up, carried her in and plopped her right in the sink. She’s been napping ever since!

I also got to play and be creative this morning. The birds were singing outside and the sunlight and breeze were washing in… and I got inspired. So I played. :)
On the lookout!
I was just about to get a sweet closeup of her pretty face, when she let out a huge yawn… perfect! I laughed out loud and almost fell over backwards watching this through the viewfinder!
Looking forward to taking pictures of green outside… but my big indoor plant will do for now :)
Yup, today was fun. Tomorrow it’ll be back to work. I have a couple meetings with fabulous brides tomorrow, and a session with a newborn. I’m brimming with energy and ideas; it’s going to be a GREAT day! :)
I hope you got to enjoy this gorgeous day too, and even more, I hope you take time to play and be inspired :)

  • Kerri - I laughed at the yawn picture too! Good stuff!

  • Dominoe Imus - I’m so jealous of your relaxing wonderful day!! Although I think you really deserved it. Cute pics of a cute cute dog! :)

  • Keri - I love the look on her face as she’s looking down at you in the first picture!

  • nicole - Once again, the Minnesotan is jealous of your weather!!! ;)

  • Jaclyn Marie - Ohhhh Lexi makes my heart smile!! I just want to kiss her little snout!!!

  • Laura | White Dress - Oh my goodness, Lexi is a doll!

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