{ Jaclyn & Mark in Vegas :: with Jasmine Star & JD! }

While in Vegas for WPPI, I got an extraordinary opportunity to shoot with Jasmine Star, her husband JD, and 19 other photographers.  Jasmine is a huge inspiration to me and many young photographers – we’ve all watched her skyrocket to success in just two short years.  She has a fabulous blog, where she highlights her shoots, weddings, and personal stories.  She has a huge heart, huge smile, she truly cares about her clients and her work, and she’s incredibly humble considering the amazing images she produces!  I felt so blessed to be able to shoot with her, and I learned so much about her process and the way she sees a scene.

Okay, so it’s Tuesday morning, 6:45 am, we’re all exhausted from a full WPPI day the day before, but we’re excited, charged, and ready… and bundled up in coats for the chilly morning air.  Our lovely models, Jaclyn & Mark, are looking absolutely fabulous and ready to bring it!  They flew in from Kansas just for this!


Jasmine & JD workin’ it ~
I looooove this shot!
Jaclyn’s superfabulous shoes!
This is so sweet – I don’t know what he’s saying to her, but she’s melting!
To the alley for some crazy-fab shots – so fierce!
Giggling at each other between fabulousness ;)
Mark looking all GQ
Loving the light here… so beautiful ~
Workin’ it for Jasmine ~
After the shoot, we had an awesome Q/A session, and then Jasmine gave me a big hug before I left.  JD took a picture of Jasmine and me with my camera, but I’m looking a little f-to-the-ug, so I’ll spare you that one. Hey, it was 6:45 am. My face looks all squishy that early and don’t even ask what was up with my hair… Ick. I don’t know how Jaclyn and Mark managed to look so fierce that early, but they totally rocked it! Thanks again for being the best models evah!! And of course, huge thank you to Jasmine and JD for having all of us, we all had SUCH a great time!
PS – if you scroll way down on Jasmine’s blog to the preview post, there are a couple shots of all of us – you can see me – I’m the tall one in back, shooting with a long lens :)

  • Jaclyn Marie - I was going to say, “Ohhh I LOVE that shot, too!” But as I kept scrolling, I realized…I love ALL the shots! We look so “us” in sooo many of these!!!! Thank you for making us look so good Kristin!!!

    ps – I don’t know what lens you’re using here, girl…but it makes me look 5 pounds lighter! Love!!!!

  • daria bishop - Kristen, these are all so beautiful!! I can’t decide my very favorite. It’s between the 8th or 9th down…and the shoe shot is killer too. Way to work the angles!!
    Great meeting you!! xo

  • Kyle Burnell - Great shots Kristen! It was such a great shoot :)

  • purvi - These are GREAT!!! Looks like you had a fantastic time in Vegas!!

  • emily griffith - LOVE these! Especially the black and white one! Great job! It was so fun meeting you and I’m looking forward to following your blog now! :)

  • emily griffith - One more thing! I high five you back re: tall girls with long lenses! :)

  • Heather - these are great, Kristen! Beautiful shots! I’m so jealous of your shoot with Jasmine!

  • ksen : ) - kristen! these are all beautiful…. love, love, love! it was wonderful to finally meet you in person. hope you have a fantastic week! :D

  • Bob P. - Wow!!! You got some great shots too.

  • Lydia - Beautiful job, Kristen!

  • Rose - These pictures are so fun and sweet! And the light WAS amazing! It’s so awesome that you got to work with Jasmine!! Love your images!

  • Regina White - OMG these are F-EN SWEET! You totally worked that lens! Love em.
    And those shoes….WOW! and she was running. Jaclyn is my HERO!

  • Steph - Wow! Absolutely stunning images Kristen! I can’t even narrow down a favorite.

  • Nicole - I can’t believe how awesome Jaclyn looked-IT WAS SOOOOO COLD!!!!!! Great shots Kristen!

  • Jasmine* - LOVE these photos….rock it out, girl! Thanks for joining the posse and I hope to see you again next year! :)

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  • Violeta - OMG…WOW…I love ALL your pics. Thanks for sharing with all of us!! I’m glad you had a great time!! :) xoxo

  • Nicole Monique - I love your style! Count me in as a new blog follower :-)

  • christina - Aww! The way you describe Jasmine is how I would describe you too! Go girl!!!

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