I feel incredibly fortunate that I am able to do most of my work from home. I do nearly all of my shooting on-location, but I do all of the editing and processing work from my home office. I am happy to be done with the daily morning rush-commute, especially in winter weather like we’ve been having lately. I was especially happy to be home yesterday. I was doing some editing work from my dining room table, periodically looking past my screen out at the snow falling. It was absolutely breathtaking to watch – it was falling so fast, yet so soft. We got 1-2″ per hour. I don’t know what our final snowfall was, but at one point I went out with a ruler and had 12 inches! Once it started to die down, I decided to join my neighbors, who were all outside working on their driveways. All bundled up, I headed out to shovel my walkways, but was quickly distracted by all the prettiness around me… so I went back in, threw my coat and mittens on the counter and grabbed my camera. A couple neighbors came over and teased me upon finding me laying in the snow getting this shot:

Worth it though, yes? ;)

This is the view off my dining-room table where I was working. I was just watching it pile up!

I couldn’t resist a self-portrait in my supa-sweet hot pink snowpants!!!

Happy Winter everyone, and Merry Christmas! ♥ Kristen

  • Mom - These are so unique, love your reflection in the blue metallic ball…it’s you !!! And the snow-topped blue ball, so pretty; the snow really fell there, we have snow tonight and will get alot more, so here is more coming your way in a couple days!!! It’s winter, we may as well enjoy it, it only comes once a year. lol !!

  • Danielle Storey - Kristen these are awesome! I love the reflection in the ornament, winter fun!

  • Kerri - Those photos are gorgeous…so worth lying in the snow for! I love looking at your photos, I wish I knew your secret! PS, love the pink pants!

  • ksen : ) - these are beautiful Kristen! i am so glad you got out there to capture the essence of this weekend’s snow — so fun isn’t it?! a most merry, happy holiday to you & yours. :D

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