Christina + Craig {Engaged!}

Christina and Craig drove in from Lansing on a cold Monday afternoon. With a blessing from one of the managers, we shot most of their session at the BOB (Big Old Building) in downtown Grand Rapids. It was such a great location, and we are so appreciative! (Thanks again!!) It truly is a beautiful place, and incredibly versatile. We started upstairs at the ultra-modern eve nightclub. They unlocked the doors and turned on the lights just for us! We did a few shots on the glass walkway too – you can see all the way down to the floors below! Luckily, none of us are afraid of heights! Christina and Craig are totally adorable, they way the interact with each other is fun and playful – they giggled through the whole session, and so did I! :)

Check out her incredible eyes! And smile! She is going to be one amazingly beautiful bride!

We headed down to the second floor, took more pictures on the big leather armchairs, by the fireplace, by the games & tables, and pretty much everywhere else – even the shuffleboard table!

After we shot in almost every corner of the BOB, it was time to head outside to the tracks! It was freezing outside, but this was one place we HAD to go. These two have a really great story of how they met… on a train! It’s the kind of story you see in a movie or read about in a book. They came from different places and she was sitting by herself. He saw her at the station, was smitten, and knew he had to meet her. So he went and sat by her, and they talked the rest of the trip. And now here they are, engaged!

Congratulations again, I can’t wait for your wedding! :) And thanks again to the BOB for being so accommodating!

  • Mom - Very cute couple. The wedding should be great.

  • michelle - What a cute couple. They look like they are having so much fun. Great pictures.

  • christina - What a cute couple!! I can’t wait to see their wedding!

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