A Miracle at 3:55am

“It’s a Girl!” , she shouted and smiled in joyful disbelief, and held her new baby to her chest, looking up to the sky in a tearful prayer of gratitude.

. . . . . . . . .

At 2:45 this morning I got the call from the parents-to-be, and immediately flew out of bed and into the car, dizzy and shaken, with my camera in the seat next to me.  I witnessed and photographed the water birth of their new child in their home.  It was an amazing experience; I felt overwhelmingly honored to be there.  It was calm and quiet, she arrived in this world in the most peaceful way I could imagine, at 3:55am.  It was phenomenal to be part of something so intimate, and so miraculous.  I photographed the preparations, the birth, the emotions on the faces of those present, and the first few hours of baby Jamison’s life.  My tired eyes welled up with tears on my way home.  I crawled back in bed smiling, and woke up glowing.  I felt all buzzy inside, amazed to have witnessed a miracle, and the start of a brand new life.

Welcome softly to the world, baby Jamison…

Warmest Congratulations and very best wishes, S & J!

– Kristen

  • Ashley - Wow! How special!

  • Danielle Storey - I knew you couldn’t resist getting these up ASAP…you’re supposed to be sleeping Kristen Holly! She’s beautiful, it must have been an amazing experience :) Great job!

  • Regina White - WOW! Did you use our twinster lens on this or were you shootin with the 50mm? The color of that towel is so vibrant.
    Talk about an early bird. Awesome. Mom and Dad will love these.

  • Mom - You witnessed a birth this morning? ! Wow. You’ve been busy already today, and I bet that was amazing. Lovely photos of Jamison too.

  • christina - Wow!!! She is beautiful and look how alert and content she is. Congrats to the parents. That must have been really cool for you to witness.

  • Hilary - what a beautiful little miracle!!! She was born exactly 8 weeks and 20 min after little Gracie was. You do such a beautiful work, I can’t wait to see Gracie’s from this past weekend. Thanks again for the session!

  • Sara - How amazing! The birth of a child truely is a such a miracle. Congrats to Jamison and parents! Great pics too!

  • Cindi - What a wonderful experience that must have been!

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