Around Town

Hooray for all the blossoming trees! I love spring. :)

My friend Danielle and I have been walking everyday at lunchtime around town. We do a loop around the river that’s almost two miles. It’s been really fun, it’s good to get out of the office and move around – we’re graphic designers during the week, so we spend a lot of time in front of our computer screens! On Thursday, I took my camera with me. We could have stayed out there for hours! :)

Look at this crazy guy! Yeeps! He was cool, it’s hard to tell in the faraway picture, but he’s smiling, and his co-worker is giving us the peace sign. Awesome :)

Yesterday, I met with Anthony & Gina to finalize plans for their wedding in October. Their reception is going to be at Meijer Gardens, and it’s going to be beautiful! On my way out, I couldn’t resist the tulips. Have I mentioned how much I love spring? ;)

  • Amy Carroll - First and foremost…LOVE the new blog design. Gorgeous!

    Secondly, I used to work in the Bridgewater Place and loved taking pictures similar to the ones posted…It looks amazing with the blue sky reflected on it.

    Thirdly, LOVING those tulips…I am addicted to all things spring!

  • Kerri - Wonderful pictures!

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