Over grapefruit and long strides

I often find myself immersed in deep conversations with myself over grapefruit. No, not conversations about grapefruit, but rather conversations about things that have been on my mind, or things I have shoved to the back of my mind… all while I’m peeling my daily grapefruit. Steadily peeling back the thick skin, then rhythmically peeling the white from each individual wedge, one at a time, skin in the trash, fruit in the bowl, skin in the trash, fruit in the bowl… My mind wanders. Lately it’s been venturing over into my thoughts on sense of purpose. What we’re here for, what I’m here for, what I’m meant to do, what’s my calling. I haven’t come to a conclusion yet, but this song keeps popping in and continues on repeat since I only know a few words… “Something’s callin’ me…” And before long, my grapefruit is peeled, and it’s time to head back to my cubicle and get back to work, back to reality. Ah, but blissful moments they were.

This afternoon while out walking with my dog, I again let my mind wander. We were actually headed down the road to drop off Colin’s announcement cards (yay!) Rhythmically walking, arms swinging, shoes hitting sidewalk, breath in, breath out, little Lexi trotting along in front of me… And what should pop into my head? “Something’s callin’ me…” Callin’. Sounds like Colin. Then baby Maya pops in… Maya, Colin… My Calling? This epiphany strikes me. A smile spreads across my face, and my step quickens. Maya, Colin. My calling. As I let this thought roll around and savor the idea, I notice a bright green bush near the sidewalk up ahead, revealing itself as the snow melts and the frozen earth thaws, bright green against the dirty & dull spring grass. It’s holly.

Imagine. As I was walking, smiling to myself at the thought of my calling, I came across Holly. How wonderfully deliciously intriguing…


Sorry, that got a little long… Back to those announcements. Here they are! You know you want some of your own… 😉 Call me – let’s take some pictures!

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  • Kerri - You are so doing my announcements and photos when I have a baby! Might have to wait a little bit though since I’m not even pg yet. They turned out so great! You’re so talented!

    Have you ever thought (Christina and you should combine forces) about teaching workshops for novices like me the basics of manual settings and simple graphic layouts? Something to ponder. I bet you could get a group of nesties together…